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CameramanSketch - Nottinghams Finest Cameraman - CameramanSketch - Nottinghams Finest Cameraman



December 26, 2010, 1:59 am BST

New Talent


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Posted by CameramanSketch

Submitted: December 26, 2010, 1:59 am BST
1 check out for the New talent videos if u r interested in getting platformed on the new talent get at me on 07932398133 & leave tx or voice message

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Duration: 6.50mins | Rated: 3.4615386 out of 5

C A M E R A M A N S K E T C H . C O M

Total Comments: 22

Why is the audio wank sketch come on man u gota get ur shit right !


Not really feeling this at all, there's no tone in his voice and his clarity is too soft


@NviousHD hahahaha


the acapella is probly the best bit, like that party, 'ey Joe


his teeth are yellow out there


Hold tite Juvinile!! Sick bars


New, yes! Talent........ No no




@cantstopmyopinion - Why reply back just putting looooool? It's the truth, i'm not even hating but he's just completely dead


Teeth are lookin as yellow as his top shittttt, bless barz doe


big tings bro, nice work


yesss joeyy weed man dya


@juvinileMCborntospit - Whats with you getting emotional about it? I just don't rate your style, you've got bars but you spit as if your not even bothered about it. I said i'm not hating, i'm just leaving feedback as I was asked too?


my mans colour co-ordinated, his adidas badge matches his teeeeth.


big up juvy joe aha makin movements bruva stay on ur ting man!


@MoussiIsALegend u seem like a massive cunt, think u need to work on ur maturity, as to me you seem to be a 12 year old faggit that dont even know what hes talking about, and thinks hes a fuckin badman, no mate, grow up




Large up Juvi! Practice makes perfect! Critisism will just make this guy better in the long run so keep them nasty comments coming in! p.s MoussiIsALegend seems to be thinking he's a top potato? Jesus, one day you'll wake up from the deluded mindstate you seem to be trapped in. Come to Tekonta ;)


Did it on x mas day an he used his own beat from his phone


@BarsOnDemandUK looooooooool


Don't know bout this guy, been boys from day and hes always had this talent just never been noticed by the scene! Watch 2011.


large up this guy still, doing his thing keep it up (Y)


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