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Dot Rotten - Laughing

February 27, 2012, 2:23 pm BST

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Dot Rotten - Laughing

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Posted by CameramanSketch

Submitted: February 27, 2012, 2:23 pm BST

Music video by Dot Rotten performing Laughing. (C) 2012 Mercury Records Limited

Views: 188982

Duration: 2.67mins | Rated: 4.8734345 out of 5

C A M E R A M A N S K E T C H . C O M

Total Comments: 457

dot rotten laughing tuneee´╗┐


fresh , filthy and rotten all at the same time.........CHOON BLUD !´╗┐


check out my response! I would apreciate it greatly Im a 14 year old rapper/ Producer from Derby, England!


Dot Rotten would have been nothing without KSI


More views plz!!!


Have ''They'' got you yet ? or do you still have your soul ?




Doesn't make a true fan maybe you just know the tune strike me dead i know a lot of people who know that tune and they ent big rotten fans


reppin the young dot days!


@AkshinOsm is called a Mosh Pit you muppet


What's the name of the Instrumental to this?


one of the best comments i have seen on youtube ....EVER !


dot rotten <3


Same. big up young dot.


An i cum up ere myself....dont need no KSI to show me good grime


@bobbyb373 I have top comment. Bitch. No-one knows him.


Fuck KSI, I brought myself here


Where can I get a copy of this? :/


You heard Overload?


KSI would still suck if it wasnt for Dot Rotten, dot was big befo KSI grabbed his controller of the floor son, Reality Check, DOT ROTTEN GOES INN!!! now get your ass back straight up to KSI and piss offff


When dot goes in he goes in hardd!


1 question is this real dubstep?


'the talent over here's much greater than yours' ... true say dot, true say


I am interested in his success, infact im all for it, wish him all the best, im just stating that they were from strike me dead, infact me and my friend were discussing that those bars work better in this tune


@namz2k11 that's beside the point get off this bandwagon u and i both know nothing about! it jus sounds like another saddam osama bin gaddafi to me.


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